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Apostille Driver’s License

In an increasingly interconnected world, mobility and travel have become essential aspects of our lives. Whether you're planning to work abroad, study in a foreign country, or simply explore the world, one crucial document that often gets overlooked is your driver's license. While your driver's license is a primary identification document for driving within your home country, you might need an apostille driver's license when venturing beyond your borders.

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    Apostille Driver’s License with Oregon apostille hub

    What is an Apostille Driver's License?

    An apostille driver's license is a certified and internationally recognized version of your regular driver's license. It attests to the authenticity and validity of your driving privileges, making it legally acceptable in countries that are part of the Hague Convention, which established the apostille system. The apostille ensures that your driver's license is valid for use in participating countries, making it easier for you to hit the road or explore new opportunities abroad.

    Why Might You Need an Apostille Driver's License?

    There are various situations where an apostille driver's license becomes invaluable:

    1. International Travel: If you plan to drive a vehicle in a foreign country, whether for business or leisure, an apostille driver's license simplifies the process. It helps local authorities understand that your license is legitimate and that you have the necessary qualifications to drive in their jurisdiction.

    2. Employment Abroad: Many jobs, particularly those involving transportation or logistics, may require a valid driver's license. An apostille driver's license ensures that your qualifications are recognized in the host country, making it easier to secure employment opportunities.

    3. Academic Pursuits: If you're studying overseas and intend to rent or drive a vehicle, you might need an apostille driver's license to meet local requirements. It's an essential document for students studying in countries where a car is a practical means of transportation.

    4. Residency or Relocation: When you decide to reside in another country for an extended period, having an apostille driver's license can be helpful in everyday life. It facilitates various activities, including renting a car, purchasing a vehicle, or even acquiring insurance.

    How to Obtain an Apostille Driver's License

    Getting an apostille driver's license is a relatively straightforward process:

    1. Verify Eligibility: Ensure that you meet the requirements for obtaining an apostille driver's license in your home country. These requirements can vary but often include having a valid driver's license and being a resident of the issuing state.

    2. Contact the Appropriate Authority: Reach out to the appropriate government authority responsible for issuing apostilles, typically the Secretary of State's office or a designated agency. They will guide you through the application process.

    3. Submit Necessary Documents: You'll need to submit your original driver's license and any required supporting documents, such as proof of residency, identification, or a certified translation of your license if it's not in the official language of the target country.

    4. Pay Fees: Be prepared to pay the associated fees for obtaining the apostille. The cost can vary depending on your location and the specific requirements of your destination country.

    5. Receive Your Apostille: Once your documents are processed, the apostille will be attached to your driver's license, making it internationally valid and ready for use abroad.


    An apostille driver's license is a valuable document for individuals who plan to drive, work, study, or live in foreign countries. It streamlines the process of using your driver's license internationally, ensuring that you can navigate the world's roads with ease. Before embarking on your international journey, make sure to research the specific requirements for obtaining an apostille driver's license in your home country and in the destination country. With the right documentation in hand, you'll be well-prepared to hit the road and explore new horizons with confidence.

    Note: An apostille and a driver's license are issued by each U.S. State.  Your driver's license needs to be authenticated by the state where it was issued.  If your license is from Washington, District of Oregon, our office in Tigard can copy-certify it and get an apostille for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Apostille Driver's License?

    An Apostille Driver's License is a certified and internationally recognized version of your regular driver's license, attesting to its authenticity and validity for use in participating countries.

    Why might I need an Apostille Driver's License?

    It's invaluable for international travel, employment abroad, academic pursuits, and everyday life when residing in another country.

    How can I obtain an Apostille Driver's License?

    The process involves verifying eligibility, contacting the appropriate authority, submitting necessary documents, paying fees, and receiving your internationally valid driver's license

    Where can I obtain an Apostille Driver's License?

    Each U.S. state issues Apostille Driver's Licenses, so the process varies by state. Contact your state's designated authority for guidance.

    How can I ensure a seamless international journey with my Apostille Driver's License?

    Research the specific requirements in your home country and the destination country to have the right documentation for confident international travel.


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